Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 Days of Thanks: Day 29

30 Days of Thanks

Day Twenty-nine: Something in Your Home

It may seem a little odd, but today I am thankful for blankets. I love a good blanket
or quilt. They provide warmth, and are great for snuggling.
I am the mom that tells my kids to make blanket tents out of the furniture.
When I was younger, my brothers, some family friends, and I made a 
virtual Tent City in our basement.
It was awesome! 
I swear we slept in there for a week.
Blankets are the best. ☺

Now that I’m a parent, not only do I help my kids make the most
epic blanket forts ever; I love to get wrapped up
with the girls in about 10 blankets/quilts, grab some
kettlecorn, and watch a Disney movie.

They keep me warm when it’s too warm for the fireplace.
They provide (kiddie) shelter.
They’re great for movie night.

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