About me.

I'm the oldest child of a Laotian immigrant, born on her way to the United States. It has taken me many many years, but I've finally come to terms with my name, Lamphone, because it means "sing songs" which I LOVE to do. (Karaoke night anyone???)

When I met my husband, it was your classic story of boy meets girl in a bar on free beer night. Yup, that's right we met in a bar that serves free beer. Doesn't that just scream true love? Apparently, because more than a decade later, we're still making it work.

Shortly after getting married, my husband enlisted in the Marine Corps. (Seriously, our first anniversary was spent on the plane home after Boot Camp Graduation. Have I mentioned how awesome I am at this whole wife thing?) The Marine Corps took us south where I met some of my best friends. And, I found a whole other piece of my heart. We lasted only 3 years in Iowa before the South started pulling me home again.

Have you been to Tennessee? Especially East Tennessee? It's gorgeous here. Deciding to move here has been the best move we've ever made for our family.

I never thought growing up, that I'd be a stay at home mom, homeschooling my children, farming. But, here I am killing it (or not getting killed by it, at least).

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