Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Days of Thanks: Day Nineteen

30 Days of Thanks

Day Nineteen: A Favorite Piece of Clothing

My favorite piece of clothing that I own is a ginormous, XXXXL (yes, that’s 4 Xs) Oakland Raiders hooded sweatshirt. Apparently, when I bought it I thought I was gangsta. Ha. Yeah, right. I am one of the biggest nerds, ever. Honestly, though, this  thing is the most comfortable piece of clothing. I can pull it over my knees and it doesn’t stretch (duh, it’s already huge). When we have bonfires, the thing is, basically, a blanket. The sleeves hang past my arms, and the shirt reaches almost to my knees. I feel tiny when I’m wearing it. The sweatshirt is absolutely ridiculous, but I love it.

The Hubbs and me --he's wearing the best sweatshirt ever!

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