Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 Days of Thanks: Day Ten

30 Days of Thanks

Day Ten: A Time of Day

Picture this, only at night--this mom's favorite time of day!

There is a time, when the house is finally quiet. When the kids are in bed, the dogs are down for the night, Jesse is usually passed out on the couch, and it’s just my computer and me. (Kind of like right now.) That is the time of day that I am most thankful for. When the day has wound down. When I know that everyone in the house is content, and I can finally (sort of) clock out of the Mommy mode. I love the husband, the kids, the animals, and everyone else that comes along during the day. But, every mom/wife out there knows that we need that alone time to decompress, and I am so thankful for my time.

Much Love,

L Schueder

This month's blog posts inspired by: Designer Wife: 30 Days of Thanks

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