Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

Yesterday was an important day in our house, and across the nation. Even before my husband enlisted, I've known that veterans were people to be respected and honored (without them, I don't think my mom would've even considered coming to the US). But, this Veterans Day someone got me thinking. One of my friends told the story of how her father suffered physical injuries and PTSD after his experiences with war, and asked, with so many of our men and women experiencing maladies that range from PTSD to loss of limbs and everything in between, "why do we say 'happy' Veterans Day?"

Here's my answer to you my friend:

Everyday we respect our veterans. Some of us personally take care of them. In our house, we stand with our veteran, support our veteran. We thank the ones me we meet for their service. Every day. But, on Veterans Day, we celebrate our veteran. We celebrate him, and his brothers and sisters in arms. We take that extra step out of our daily bubble to let them know how much we appreciate them, with parades and ceremonies and programs in the schools. That celebration, that appreciation, that creates a good feeling. A happy feeling. That is why, in our house, November 11th is always a HAPPY Veterans Day.

Thank you to all the veterans that might read this.

And good luck to those men and women thinking about enlisting.

Much love,

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