Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wear Proper Shoes! a public service announcement

I have a charlie horse. It’s in the arch of my foot. I am learning the hard way, when they say wear proper workout shoes, you should listen.

Last summer when I was on vacation for a week, my husband’s dog ate one of my good athletic shoes while her sitter was in the shower. In hopes of not missing out on workout days, I bought some very cheap sneaks to hold me over until I could make it to a sports store.

Shortly after that purchase, my girlfriend and I stopped working out. Life just took over. Our husbands were home, our kids got sick, we provided childcare into the late hours of the evening. By the time we could get away for a little exercise, we both fell asleep instead.

Fast forward about eight months. (Yeah, I know, eight months is a long time to go without exercising.) New home, new state, new life. My husband is the heaviest he’s ever been, and I’m not far behind. Two of our dearest friends are getting married in about three weeks. My lovely husband decides we should do the Insanity Workout to slim down.

All that jumping around gets painful when your shoes don’t fit correctly. My feet were sliding around within them. There is no support for my arches. Since my feet were not comfortable, I was over compensating with my other muscles. My back is killing me, my calves are clenched tighter than Hank Hill’s butt cheeks, and it hurts just to breathe!

Moral of the story? I’m going to be hoofing it to a Lady Foot Locker as soon as possible. I will not settle for less than awesome in workout shoes. My ploy to get a foot rub from the husband didn’t work last night. And, I will never go this long without exercise again. My abs of steel have turned to flabs of j-ello.

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