Monday, April 1, 2013

Photo Challenge Day 1: Ten Facts

Day #01:

A picture of you and ten facts:

1.) I've been in the US for more than 30 years now.

2.) If my husband would let me, I would fill our house with animals. Seriously. We already have 2 dogs, 2 cats & a rabbit & we'll probably be getting a fish (or 2) soon.

3.) When I get really mad, I have a Southern accent that makes an appearance.

4.) The Hubbs is an ass, but he lets me get away with a lot. For example: He tries to keep my accessories to a minimum, but somehow 2 purses has grown into 6+ (I can't remember), I have a huge curio full of jewelry, and my closet is full of shoes. (I am truly spoiled.)

5.) I like love to sing. A lot. Loudly. My kids love it.

6.) Speaking of kids--I secretly love being the "fun" mom. If your kids come to play at our house, we will dance, cook, and do art projects. Yeah, I'm "that" mom. I'm sorry if you hate me.

7.) I love when the Hubbs uses big words. It makes me giggle to know that I've rubbed off on him.

8.) Also, I love when a situation comes up that I can show off some of the carpentry know-how that I've picked up from the Hubbs. (I can almost find things by myself when I go to Menards!)

9.) If we ever hit a lottery jackpot, we've already planned how to spend it & give it away. (What can I say? We're dreamers.)

10.) I ♥ men on crotch-rockets. (Seriously, it's downright primal the way I react--hubby just bought one so I can see him on it.)

There are a lot of different challenge lists out there, but I found this one here on Facebook and liked it the most. I hope I see you here a lot this month, and if you do your own photo challenge, don't forget to link back!


  1. I'm guessing that last one was for April Fool's? Or did Jesse actually buy a crotch rocket? O.o

    1. I hate to admit that, yes, the Hubbs did buy a crotch rocket for me to look at him on. No joke, we are that lame. :)


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