Friday, April 5, 2013

30DPC Day 5

Day 5: A photo of your favorite memory

The Hubbs and I have so many fun memories, but the night we got engaged is my favorite. Apparently, my Papi had been planning on proposing for a while. I don't know how I never noticed. He bought a ring and managed to hide it from me. (I did the man's laundry back then ... again, how did I not see it???) He made reservations at a restaurant up at the lakes (in November) that we had to reschedule three times. The night we finally made it out to dinner, there was a blizzard. I was ready to just stay home, but the Hubbs was determined to make it. (Yet another clue I should've known something was up.) It took forever to get there, we had a fun dinner in a deserted restaurant, and we had a long drive home. By the time we made it through the door, I just wanted to throw on some pajamas and zone out at the computer. Which is exactly what I did. 

But the Hubbs had other plans. While I was at, he came over (I thought he was going to ask if he could get on the computer--I am so oblivious.) and put a little red box in front of me. My exact words were, "Are you serious?" I looked over at him, and he was down on one knee. He said his schpeel, and I said yes. The rest is history. I'm the woman who was proposed to while playing computer games. It's a great story we'll tell the grandkids.

Not everyone can have a computer game engagement.

Happy Snapping!

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