Sunday, September 8, 2013

Women's Friendship Month

I love September. Back to school. Changing leaves. Football season. And also, Women's Friendship Month. Not that I don't love my ladies all the time, but September is just a great reason for me to show them the love. This one's short and sweet, y'all:

I have this uncanny ability to find friendship in the strangest places. I'm not sure why--it just happens. The crazy thing is, I'm a pretty quiet person. Not really one to speak up in a crowd. And yet, it still happens.

I met Patty at KFC when I went to visit my boyfriend at work one day. The boyfriend only lasted halfway through Senior year, but Patty and I have been going strong for 15 years now.

Mary Louise and I connected over the internet. I didn't know in the beginning if we would ever meet. It never mattered. But the fates allowed our husbands to be stationed at the same base. Her family is now as dear to me as my own. (We're still praying for you, Doug!)

But my favorite "I made a friend out of nowhere" story is, how I met Tiffanie. She sat next to me at a forum about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." She was new to Camp Lejeune, but jumped into her husband's Family Readiness Team ready to make a cannonball-sized splash. I appreciate her passion and strong will. She's got the guts I wish I had.

Three chance meetings, but also three of my closest girlfriends.

Happy Women's Friendship Month y'all!

Go to for all things girlfriends!

Much Love,


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    1. I <3 you, too!

      And Jesse says nothing good comes from the interwebs ...


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