Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance

12 years ago, thousands of people lost their lives in a horrible attack on our nation. It was one of those tragedies so awful that I will forever remember where I was the morning it all happened. Despite the shock that was felt, Americans all over did what they do best. Banded together and reached out to those in need.

To honor the fallen, and show respect for the loss the nation felt, September 11th has been dedicated a day of service and remembrance. Basically, we all should go out there and do good today. I'm already a huge fan and advocate of volunteering, so this is a day that speaks to me.

There are things that we can do everyday, not just today, to help out others. And those of us that can--should. If you need help finding ways to volunteer your time, I came up with a short list of links to get y'all started:

There are so many other places and opportunities out there just waiting for you to share your time (and expertise in some cases) with them. Your local Chamber of Commerce would be another great place to look. And if you or your spouse are currently in the military, check with your  (or your spouse's) Family Readiness (or Welfare) Team (heck, you could volunteer with them!).

Get out there and do some good people!

Much Love,

Always Remember. Never Forget.

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