Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Women: We Don't Just Clean Things, We Make Them, Too

I am a self-proclaimed, huge nerd. I love to learn new things.

Factoids. Tidbits. Trivia.

My husband refuses to watch Jeopardy! with me because I know so many more of the answers than he does. (sore loser) I am especially interested in things women can do as well as (or better) than men.
Needless to say, Women's History Month is one of my favorite months of the year. (And it doesn't hurt that it happens in my birthday month!)

There are so many strong, intelligent, creative women out there, it's wonderful to have an entire month to celebrate them--and us.
I've been sharing a few of these on my Facebook Page, but something even the Hubbs found interesting were some of the things invented by women. Namely, those things usually associated with male users.

Here are some that stood out to us:

  • the circular saw invented by Tabitha Babbit in 1812
  • the electric hot water heater by Ida Forbes in 1917
  • the engine muffler by El Dorado Jones also in 1917
  • the fire escape invented by Anna Connelly in 1887
  • Kevlar (used in not only bulletproof vests, but also radial tires and crash helmets) invented by Stephanie Kwolek in 1966
  • Liquid Paper was invented in 1951 Bessie Nesmith
  • the rotary engine by Margaret Knight in 1904
  • Scotchgard fabric protector invented in 1956 by Patsy O. Sherman
  • Submarine lamp and telescope invented by Sarah Mather in 1845
  • the windshield wiper in 1903 by Mary Anderson

Who knows how many other amazing and useful things were invented by females? Until the late 1800s women weren't allowed to own property or enter legal documents--including patents. So, all property and patents were filed under their husband's name.

Now look at us! We're not only mothers and wives, but we're in almost every career field available to men. We've come a long way, ladies.

Keep on creating,

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