Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIMyself Spaghetti T-Shirt Scarf

When it’s cold and snowy outside (like today), we’re stuck looking for something to keep the kids occupied in the house. And, since I can only handle so much time watching talking animal movies (and by “so much” I mean NONE) I was forced to find something else for the kiddos to do.

A while ago I was perusing Pinterest and came across a blog with lots of ideas for things made out of old t-shirts. BINGO! Easy, fast, & made from materials we already have in the house, (You can find the original post here.)

So, here’s our Spaghetti T-shirt scarf:

Materials & tools:

An Old T-shirt

Scissors & tape measure

First, we cut off the bottom seam & cut under the armpits.

Then we measured, and cut, strips about 1 1/2in wide.

Here are the strips we cut

Next, we stretched.
(SN: I think we stretched it out too far. Next time I won’t stretch the loops as much.)

Last, I cut the bottom seam and wrapped it around the loops to hold them together.
Tie a knot to secure it. (For extra hold, I secured it with a safety pin.)


Can’t let the excess go to waste!

The loops were a little long, so we doubled the scarf and it was the perfect size for the princesses.

Again, this was a project that took less than half an hour to complete. It probably would’ve taken less, but I couldn’t find my fabric shears and made do with what I could find. The project shown was done a couple weeks ago, but we’ll be doing it again today so the princesses will have scarves to match Mommy’s. Happy Styling!

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