Friday, May 27, 2011

Chillin' in a Whelping Box

It’s almost time! My baby girl is about to have babies. No, silly, Angela is only ten! My dog, Bella, is about to have puppies! Jesse finally got the whelping box built today. And none too soon, mind you~Bella is over 8 weeks pregnant. We could have these puppies, literally, any day now.
It’s not our first adventure in whelping, but this is my first time through the entire breeding process. We took in a pregnant pitbull two years ago. I’ve given birth to three of my own children, but it is something wonderful and completely different to watch my little girl go through it. The actual breeding was not pleasant to be a part of. Ew.
She has been such the little preggers, too. She scrounges around outside and eats things that she shouldn’t be. She’s been having accidents in the house, instead of telling me when she has to go out. Bella doesn’t even come immediately when called anymore. She will slowly look up at me and m-o-s-e-y over, as if to say, “I’m gonna make it seem like I can’t move fast, due to my huge belly, but really, I just want to make you wait for me.”
And, as if she wasn’t enough of a bitch before, she growls at even the smallest noises. My favorite is when she barks at people going out the door, and not just the ones coming in. But, don’t let her scare you, Bella’s all bark and no bite.
So now, my Princess is getting super fatty (as Jesse would say), and we’re hunkering down. I’m spending as much time in the whelping box with Bella as possible. We’re getting supplies together that I should’ve gotten weeks ago. I cannot wait to see her little white puffballs! I am both excited and nervous. I hope that all will go well. I’m sure it will, my Bella’s one smart doggy. And, I am one proud furmommy - furgrandmommy-to-be!

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