Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Celebrating Gal-entine's Day

I am in the middle of packing, vacuuming, folding laundry, and washing dishes. Can you tell I'm getting ready to go on vacation? And it's not just any vacation--Mommy is going alone. 

That's right. No kids. No animals. No husband. I'm celebrating a Gal-entine's day with my best girlfriend in South Carolina.

I am excited for two reasons:  1.) I should be able to pee alone. 2.) I have not taken a trip by myself in over ten years.


I am freaking out. I only have to take care of myself. Do you know how rare that is? I will not be pushing a stroller through a crowded airport. If I want to go to Cinnabon, I don't have to share. I only have to pack for one person. I am completely overwhelmed.

ML asked me what I wanted to do when I visited, and for a moment I was speechless. What did I want to do? Me and only me? You mean I get to do grown up things, and I don't have to schedule outings around meals and naps?

I am so far outside of my comfort zone right now. I have not spent more than a few hours at a time on myself for over a decade. This realization made me step back and think. As a mom, I have spent the last years of my life focused on my family. And that's not a bad thing, in fact, it's wonderful. But having said that, I've let taking care of myself fall to the wayside.

One of my goals this year was to lose weight, and get into better shape. I've been doing okay with that, but now I've realized that maybe I should add getting into better mental and emotional shape. For me, my emotional health depends on the relationships I have with others. The connections that I make with my girlfriends. I have to have a way to vent out my frustrations, and writing can only take me so far. The screen tends to not answer back when I ask it questions. (Although I do think my computer silently mocks me when I write stuff that is total crap.) Apparently, I need to spend more time fostering those connections, and spend time on me once in a while.

We shouldn't as moms let ourselves get so lost in our families that we forget the wonder and freedom of taking a vacation alone. So here I am, psyching myself up to board that plane--alone--and have a great and relaxing time. Wish me luck!

ML & me @ a Nicholas Sparks Book signing. Yup, we're going to see the movie!

Happy Valentine's Day y'al!

Much Love,

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