Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Put on Your Big Girl Panties!

How do you get a child that doesn’t want to potty train to cooperate? You let her decide whether she wants to be a big girl or a baby, and make her live with the decision. My child decided that she wanted to be a baby, so we took it to the extreme. We didn’t allow her to be a toddler. Oh no, we treated her like she had just started eating solid foods. Quite the step back for her.

There were so many things that she couldn’t do, that being a baby lasted less than twenty-four hours. Poor thing was only allowed to play with a handful of toys. Could only eat oatmeal and bananas. And wasn’t allowed to play on the stairs. Yup, we did it hardcore.

Lo and behold, the next morning my daughter was ready to shed the pull up and don her big girl panties. Since New Year’s Day we’ve had only two accidents.

Oh, the joys of toddlerhood. We’ve been potty training this princess for about a year. It was hit or miss while Daddy was deployed. I take responsibility for that. But, after Daddy came home we realized that maybe there was more to why she wasn’t catching on.

Then we realized that she’s just stubborn like her father. I babysit a couple babies during the week, and she would see the attention they got when I changed their diapers and got jealous. And sometimes, pottying in your pull up when you’re playing is just easier than taking time to sit on the pot.

Ugh, some days were like hitting my head against a wall. Thank goodness those days seem to be behind us. One more check mark on our list before we hit the road back to Iowa.

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