Saturday, October 22, 2016

Little Miss Dresser Re-Do

I have a confession to make. We've lived on the farm for over a year, and neither of the girls had actual dressers until a couple weeks ago. Yes, I'm a procrastinator. Yes, I can be cheap. But, in my defense, a rescued dresser gives the kids a chance to flex their creativity. Yup, that's the story I'm gonna go with.

I scored this little gem at the garage sale of a fellow Girl Scout troop family:

As you can see, she was in need of some serious TLC. Not to mention, she's not really Medium Child's style. Medium and The Hubbs popped off the decorative pieces from the drawers and the front. Then lots and lots of sanding happened. Thanks to the joy of homeschool, we called it all shop class. 😉 The Hubbs taught the girls about things like:
*Sandpaper Grit
*Wood filler/wood putty
*How to sand properly
*Paint finishes & Polyurethane

I will admit mom and dad helped with some of the sanding (dad) and painting details (mom). But the girls did a vast majority of the work, and Medium picked out the paint colors herself.

Drawers after the girls painted them white.

Before the purple detail.

The color she chose is called "Sassy Lilac." Fitting.

Side detail.

Trimmed out drawer.

 All Done!

Things I loved about this project: 1.) Super inexpensive dresser. 2.) We had all the sandpaper on hand. 3.) We had all the paint on hand. 4.) Medium could've chosen any pulls she wanted, and chose the cheapest ones. These cost $.97 at Lowe's.

Until next time,
Much Love,

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