Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We Bought the Farm

You know, they say what a difference a day can make. So, you can about imagine how much of a difference 6 or 7 months can make. That’s how long it’s been since we’ve moved to the farm. Seven action (and animal) packed months. 

It's our forever home--finally!

This spring, we bought our forever home. Anyone that’s moved even half as many times as The Husband and I have can understand how exciting this is for me. Especially those of you that garden. Close your eyes and picture for me if you will, digging up the ground, planting perennials (from seed EVEN!) and then leaving before you ever get to see them thrive. Such was my life before we bought our home. Twice (not once, but TWICE) we made three different moves within a year. Ouch!

I love our hills.

Then late last winter, we started the hunt. Seriously, the biggest headache I've ever suffered. House hunting is the worst! In all honesty, when we came across the listing for our home, we passed it over. Often. A lot. Then on a whim, one day when we were driving our poor Realtor all over Mcminn County being disappointed by listing after listing, we wound up a mile away from our current address and decided, what the heck? Why not? Let’s take a look, what have we got to lose?

How gorgeous, right???

I fell in love almost immediately, The Husband fell in major like. After a couple more viewings, it was clear this would be our home. Our last home. 

Welcome to Rocky Pond. :)

 Much Love,


  1. Oh Lamphone, I'm glad you are taking time to blog now. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story of finding your new and last home! A lovely thought.

    My husband and I found our "last" home, we think, God willing, last summer. It's right next door to my beloved sister in my home state. It will be our retirement home in a few years.

    I can't wait to read more about your adventures on the farm. I know you will love your garden!


    1. Thanks for your kind words, Denise. I'm so happy to finally have a "settled" feeling. Good luck to you with your retirement home. :)


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