Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Photo Challenge Day 2--E. G. Fisher Library

I think what I'm going to love about this challenge is that the photo topics don't really have anything to do with the locations I'm going to pick. Take for example yesterday:

30 Day Photo Challenge--Day 2:
What You Wore Today

By an awesome coincidence, everything I'm wearing I bought in TN. :)

This photo was taken by Middle outside of the E. G. Fisher Library in Athens. Anyone that knows me, knows that a library was one of the first things I found after we moved. Confession: This is actually the THIRD library we found. The first two just didn't have enough books for us. (Yeah, that's right. Proudly raising the next generation of readers over here!)

I love that Fisher Library is more than just a library. They have classes, book groups, story time, conference rooms, an art gallery, and an arboretum.

See y'all tomorrow!
Much love,



  1. I love what a great example you're setting for your girls. Cute pics! Makes a library visit look so fun!

    1. Thanks Carrie! I loved reading as a child & I want my kids to feel the same way when they open a book. I even converted my husband into a reader!


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