Sunday, October 14, 2012

Things I Love About My Six-Year Old

Yesterday was Medium’s birthday, so I guess you could say that I’m a day late, as usual. I figured with it being The Princess’s big day, I would let y’all know a few of the reasons I love my babydoll. (Of course, my giving birth to her has nothing to do with it.)

Six Things I Love About My Six-Year Old:

1.) She is girly. And I don’t just mean she likes pink. She is GIRLY. Pink & purple, princesses, fairies, skirts & heels, and makeup. Dress up & fashion shows are almost daily at our house. We say it a lot since we have 3 girls, but Daddy is going to have his hands full with THIS one when she discovers boys!

2.) She is creative. She spends most of her day coloring & drawing. Just recently she has decided to try her hand at designing clothes. They’re a little primitive, since she’s only in Kindergarten, but I think she’s got some real potential! :)

3.) She likes to clean. My children make their own beds, put away their laundry, and dust. They even vacuum! The best part? Aside from making the bed, they ASK ME FOR PERMISSION to clean! Believe me, I’m taking full advantage of their enthusiasm while I can. They’ll be moody, lazy teenagers before I know it.

4.) We share a love of music. Case in point, at this moment she’s singing “Call Me Maybe.” She picks up song lyrics quickly. Unfortunately for Daddy, this means a lot of car rides with us singing pop music as loud as we can. No hard rock for these girls!

5.) She adores animals. (see #6) She can’t stand to see an animal suffer. Also, she has never met an animal she didn’t love. Sometimes we have to remind her that not all animals are kid-friendly.

6.) She wears her emotions on her sleeve. This could also be interpreted as being a drama queen. Sometimes it’s NOT one of the things I love about her, but when she’s watching a movie and starts crying, of course I have to hold her. She bawls when we drop off Large. Heaven forbid an animal gets hurt, it takes hours to console her.

I could go on forever probably, but I have to go now. The kids are asking to wipe my house down, and I hear birthday cake calling out to me....

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